Jun 23

Civic Center in San Francisco is laid out around a large symmetrical square, the Civic Center Plaza. The plaza is flanked on the south by the area’s first post-1906 building, the Civic Auditorium. Bordering the Civic Center Plaza to the west side is Civic Center’s most impressive building: the palatial City Hall.

One of the few structures that survived the 1906 earthquake, the monument depicts a statue of ‘California’ surrounded by several figures, including an Indian, gold diggers and a Spanish monk. Some of the most important buildings in the area are located on the west side of Civic Center, where you’ll find the State Building, Veterans Building, Opera House and Symphony Hall.

One further block east is another plaza, the United Nations Plaza. The name is a reference to the United Nations Charter of 1945 that was signed in the nearby Veterans Building.

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