Jul 31

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco and is definitely worth a visit. The Palace of Fine Arts was designed by Bernard R. Maybeck. He chose to theme the palace around Roman ruins, with the intention of showing “the mortality of grandeur and the vanity of human wishes ….”

The many beautiful pillars and columns also clearly show that he was inspired by ancient Greek architecture. The lagoon surrounding the rotunda and the colonnades added to its beauty.

There has been some minor restoration project since the large one, initiated in the 60ies. These projects have included restoring the interior of the dome and surrounding walkways. The Palace of Fine Arts is now also illuminated during night, which makes a stroll at the palace during the evening something extra special.

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Jul 02

The Amazing Wave Organ in California is an acoustic sculpture created in 1986 by artist Peter Richards, with the help of stone mason George Gonzales. The two crafted this tiered, aural temple from PVC pipe, cement tubes, gravestones, and other found bricks and blocks. It was built to merge into the bay so that seawater from San Francisco Bay would rush in, or wave action would lap at the lower ends of the pipes, creating low rumblings, wheezing, and other musical resonations.

This unusual wave-activated acoustic sculpture gives off subtle harmonic sounds produced by seawater as it passes through 25 tubes. Visitors are encouraged to position themselves on the many stone slabs with an ear propped against any of the dozens of listening tubes. It’s like listening to the world’s largest sea shell.

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