Jan 14

Octagon House in San Francisco was built in 1861 by William McElroy. An eight-sided structure with a cupola on top, it is said that McElroy and others of his era chose to build a house in this shape because it was believed that living in an octagonal home resulted in a longer, healthier life, sort of a 19th century feng shui.

Now, this small museum allow patrons to view a variety of decorative arts from the Colonial and Federal periods as well as documents from Colonial and early American history, including one signed by 54 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Tours of the Octagon House in San Francisco are free but donations go towards the upkeep of the home are much appreciated. Group tours are available with reservations.

Stay at the Adante Hotel in San Francisco, just around the corner from Union Square when you tour the Octagon House in San Francisco.

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