49 Mile Scenic Drive in San Francisco

May 28

This scenic drive around the city is a wonderful way to really see what San Francisco is like. Some people like to walk certain parts of the drive so that there is more to see, but no matter what you decide to do, this drive is unforgettably beautiful and you will have many opportunities to get some really great pictures. There are signs that will point you in the right direction the entire time; however you must have your own car or a rental car to visit this part of San Francisco.

Some of the key attractions on the drive that can easily be enjoyed without getting out of the car include:

1. Great Highway: One of the most beautiful areas of the drive is the stretch that takes you along the Great Highway alongside the Pacific Ocean.

2. City Hall: This is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. The 49 Mile Scenic Drive officially starts and ends near here so you’ll get a good view of it on the drive.

3. Transamerica Pyramid: When this building was completed in 1972, it was one of the five tallest buildings in the world. Its height and unique pyramid shape make it hard to miss when driving around the city.

4: Hills: This drive takes you over Nob Hill and Russian Hill, providing great views. It also takes you up to Twin Peaks where you can look down on much of the city.

5. Lombard Street: Many travelers enjoy taking the drive down beautiful flower-lined Lombard Street, the so-called Croakiest Street.

6. Alcatraz: As long as it’s not too foggy out you will be able to see a view of Alcatraz from the drive. This attraction is worth visiting at least once but if you can’t afford the money or time to ferry over then this is the next best thing.

7. AT&T Park: This baseball stadium is home to The Giants and host to numerous events throughout the year. You don’t have to attend an event to enjoy the beauty of the park, though; you can see what it looks like from the 49-Mile scenic drive.

8. The Bridges: Key attraction is a view of both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge. They are both beautiful bridges in their own right and certainly worth seeing on your drive.

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