Amazing Sights in San Francisco

Jun 11

A city that dazzles with all its urban attractions, natural beauty, and a warm set of culturally-diverse inhabitants, there are many amazing sights in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge – No trip to San Francisco would be complete without a view of the Golden Gate Bridge which is built on top of 43 hills, the city is in a prime position for some fantastic views over the Pacific Ocean as well as one of its most famous monuments. The bridge is nearly a mile long and stands over two hundred feet above the water. It is absolutely a must-see in the area.

Presidio of San Francisco Park – Presidio is usually a national park as well as recreational paradise poker presenting magnificent vistas, meandering paths, as well as ancient architectural destinations. Access towards national park and quite a few plans usually are cost-free. The particular national park is wide open regular, year-round.

Coit Tower – Coit Tower is a typical San Francisco landmark located on Telegraph Hill. It is 500 feet or 150 meters tall. The tower is the best place to be if you want to look at spectacular murals, art collections, paintings, and many more. It was recently featured on the show “The Amazing Race.”

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