California Academy of Sciences

Jan 21

California Academy of Sciences is one of the largest and well designed natural history museums in the world. From planetarium shows on the formation of the universe to getting up close with sharks and stingrays, much of the museums is hands-on and interactive.

1. Aquarium: Watch sharks and stingrays cruise beneath your feet, check out the Philippine Coral Reef, and learn about the life-sustaining role that water plays on Earth.

2. Planetarium: Fly through space and time in the world’s largest all-digital planetarium and gain a new perspective on the planet we call home.

3. Rainforest: Step inside a living four-story rainforest that is hot, humid, and teeming with life. Experience a flurry of butterflies, and a symphony of croaking frogs and chirping birds.

4. Natural History Museum: Explore how life evolved on Earth, and what we can do to help sustain it. Meet Academy scientists and share in their discoveries from research expeditions around the world.

5. Living Roof: Get a unique 360 degree panoramic view of Golden Gate Park from the Academy’s iconic undulating roof, complete with over 1.7 million native plants.

The California Academy of Sciences is located in Golden Gate Park, directly across the Music Concourse from the de Young Museum.

Hours: 9:30am to 5pm Monday – Saturday, 11am to 5pm Sundays

Admission: Adults $29.99, Youth, Seniors and Students $24.99

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