Experience the history of Angel Island San Francisco

Feb 18

Angel Island San Francisco was built by the U. S. Army in 1863. Camp Reynolds is the oldest permanent settlement on the Island, and today it is one of the best conserved groups of Civil War military buildings in the country. Angel Island is occasionally called the “Ellis Island of the West” because of its history.

Between 1910 and 1930, millions of new immigrants were processed before beginning their lives in America. Many Chinese immigrants were apprehended on Angel Island San Francisco for long periods of time because of exclusion policies. Out of frustration, many of them carved poems into the barracks walls, which are still visible today.

Hours: The state park on Angel Island is open daily. The cafe and bike rentals are open and tram tours run daily from April through October. Daily tour schedule varies the rest of the year.

Reservations: Is not required, but advance ferry tickets should be done on weekends and in summers.

Cost: Ferry tickets include Day-use fee.

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