Explore the Presidio San Francisco

Dec 03

The Presidio San Francisco has a rich history spanning back to the time of the native Ohlone people. Since 1994, it has been a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. World and local events, from military campaigns to World Fairs and earthquakes, left their mark and is also a home to wild plant and animal species, hiking trails, and waterfront habitat.

Presidio San Francisco is a national treasure and a local jewel which invites visitors to glimpse rare birds, native blossoms and to experience history. Moreover it hosts regular and alternative exhibits, walking tours, a special history tour aboard the PresidiGo shuttle, classes, and nature activities. Nearly all of these events are free for San Francisco residents and visitors.

It is just a few blocks away from the Adante Hotel at Union Square in San Francisco. Book directly on the Hotel’s Website for the lowest possible rates: http://www.adantehotel.com/reservations

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