Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco

Dec 10

Another San Francisco classic is Ghirardelli Square, a must see for the first time tourist. A group of renovated factory buildings filled with shops, restaurants and galleries. Great area for chocolate, ice creams, and in and around people watching.

Ghirardelli Square features over 40 specialty shops and restaurants.  This is an iconic landmark and provides great photo opportunities and its fun to explore the stores and restaurants in the square. The square itself is just an urban square, with some fountains and plants. If visiting San Francisco, it is imperative that you don’t miss out on buying some Ghirardelli chocolates.

Hours: Open daily
Best Time to Visit: Any time

Sights near Ghirardelli Square are Cable Car Turnaround, Street vendors, Buena Vista Cafe, Aquatic Park and many more.

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