Herons Head Park, San Francisco

Oct 01

Herons Head Park is one of the few wetland areas protected on the City of San Francisco’s bay coastline. The park is a sanctuary on San Francisco Bay, an often windy outcropping with a trail that takes you past wetlands and through native shrub on walk that juts out into the water. It is now a green area home to over 100 species of migratory birds, contains great blue herons, black oyster catchers, shorebirds and sandpipers.

Extra amenities at Herons Head Park include an environmental education center, a contemporary dog park, and also lots of nice little sitting spots to enjoy the sun and warmth. The ecosystem is a landmark dedicated to environmental justice and is designed to educate the public about renewable energy, pollution and greenhouse gas reduction process, waste water treatment, sustainable building supplies, rainwater harvesting and the green economy.

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