John McLaren Park San Francisco

Mar 11

John McLaren Park San Francisco is San Francisco’s second largest park. It offers a host of recreational amenities to satisfy a variety of appetites in all age groups. More than 7 miles of walking trails meander through its 312 acres, replete with native plants and wildlife. Established in 1927, the park is named for John McLaren, the ‘grandfather of Golden Gate Park’.

Seventy-five tables for picnickers can be found throughout the park. Some are in remote locations for visitors looking for quiet and serenity, while others are located inside the playgrounds. Many people for many years have been using McLaren Park’s vast network of trails for hiking, walking and jogging. There are also several small trail loops for those who like to take shorter walks or design their own jogging circuits.

Stay with us at the Adante Hotel when you take a stroll through John McLaren Park San Francisco.

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