Milagra Ridge Park near San Francisco

Jun 11

Milagra Ridge Park offers a sanctuary for many native species. It stretches from Mount Tam to Montara Mountain and lends the sense that you’re scaling the edge of the earth. Visitors can find coyote brush, sage, and lupine shelter rodents, rabbits, coyotes, and critically endangered butterflies.

Dog owners can enjoy a stroll at Milagra Ridge Park. It is home to the mission blue and San Bruno elfin butterflies as well as the California red-legged frog. Many types of wildflowers like paintbrush, silver lupine, clarkia, checkerbloom, and more, are also found here.

The entrance to Milagra Ridge is off of Sharp Park Road in Pacifica. There are composting toilets for visitor’s convenience. Bicycle riding can also be done here but are permitted on the paved trail only.

Milagra Ridge Park is just a few miles away from the Adante Hotel at Union Square in San Francisco. Book directly on the Hotel’s Website for the lowest possible rates:

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