Fun with Education

Fun with Education

 “A War on Modern Art” – October 03-January 10 – 11am to 5pm – Thursdays until 8pm – Price: Free

Untitled Fun with Education

Modern Art in San Francisco

There are a lot of things in San Francisco that involve history, but one of the most interesting is A War on Modern Art. If you are looking for some entertainment while you learn new things, then this is the place to visit. This is the 75th anniversary of “degenerate” art. During the time that Adolf Hitler was in power, there were many Nazi’s who believed that modern art was in some way threatening, and some even found it to be insane. Adolf then decided that he was going to have an art show where he was trying to convince people that this was true, and that the only reason why they were doing this was because they were mad. However, what in turn happened was that he actually created more popularity than he did hatred for the art. At A War on Modern Art you will see some of these degenerate artists’ paintings and sculptures that caught the eye of Adolf Hitler as mad and caught the world by surprise with its beauty and uniqueness.


“Tis the Season for Science” – November 16-January 06 – Monday-Saturday 9:30am-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm – Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas – Price: $29.95, $24.95 for students, and $19.95 for seniors and children ages 4-11.


For all of you out there, young or old, wondering how reindeer make it through the winter time, this is where you are going to learn each and every one. Ever wonder what animal can produce its own special version of antifreeze so that they can keep warm? Or how far different animals travel to stay out of the cold? Well, this is the place to go and find all of these things out. This is great for people of all ages, because no matter how much you already know, there is always something to learn. You can come with the family or you can enjoy the wonders on your own. There is always something new and exciting to learn and do. Find out everything from how far some animals travel to how some animals can sleep through the whole winter without waking up. This is truly an event that shouldn’t be missed.

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