Dec 03

The Presidio San Francisco has a rich history spanning back to the time of the native Ohlone people. Since 1994, it has been a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. World and local events, from military campaigns to World Fairs and earthquakes, left their mark and is also a home to wild plant and animal species, hiking trails, and waterfront habitat.

Presidio San Francisco is a national treasure and a local jewel which invites visitors to glimpse rare birds, native blossoms and to experience history. Moreover it hosts regular and alternative exhibits, walking tours, a special history tour aboard the PresidiGo shuttle, classes, and nature activities. Nearly all of these events are free for San Francisco residents and visitors.

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Nov 26

The Coastal Trail at Lands End Trail San Francisco is a gorgeous spot for walking, but most visitors to the city don’t know it’s there. Lands End is easy to get to, easy to park, and much less crowded than the more well-known parks and beaches.

The northwest corner of San Francisco is a rugged stretch of Cypress forest, bordered by cliffs plunging 200 feet to the sea below. It guards the narrow ocean channel leading to the Golden Gate Bridge and the entrance to San Francisco Bay. The Coastal Trail is walkway that starts just above the Cliff House, and then winds in and out of the woods and along the edge of the bluffs, and ends in a ritzy residential area (Sea Cliff) near China Beach.

There is a short paved stretch near the beginning, but most of the trail is dirt and rocks, with a couple of steep stairways. Mostly mild, but moderately strenuous in a couple of places. The trail is about 1.5 miles long; a leisurely walk one-way takes about an hour.

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Nov 12

The Exploratorium Museum has been one of the nation’s premier science museums, an organizer or leader in interactive exhibits involving games and problem-solving that being models for other museums around the world. It was founded by physicist and educator Frank Oppenheimer and opened in 1969. It is the global planner in informal learning, igniting curiosity and inspiring creativity in people of all ages.

The Exploratorium Museum focuses on science and art, which draws in a varied crowd of visitors. The purpose of this must-see museum is to grab curiosity and it does so with many fun, tactile exhibits. Seventy Interactive exhibits were designed to expose the mysteries of the natural world.


Tuesday – Sunday – 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Thursday – 6:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m. for ages 18+

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Nov 08

The De Young Museum San Francisco is a fine art museum located in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park named after M. H. de Young. It is a landmark art museum to showcase the museum’s priceless collections of American art, international textiles from the 17th through the 20th centuries which opened in 1895. On October 15th, 2005, the de Young Museum re-opened in a state of the art new facility that amalgamates art, architecture and the natural landscape in one multi-faceted destination that will inspire audiences from around the world.

The park at the De Young Museum San Francisco is beautiful, relaxing, and the perfect setting for a day with family, friends or a fun date. Opening hours are 9:30 am to 5:00 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays.

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Oct 29

Grace Cathedral San Francisco is a popular tourist attraction for its art and architecture from the 1849 gold rush in San Francisco. It is the third largest cathedral in the land, and is Nob Hill’s crown jewel. With its fine arts, architecture, music events and public worship, it hosts catholic ecumenical services, inter-faith celebrations and acts as a gathering place in times of civic celebration and agony. It is a house of prayer for all people, offering vibrant and open space where all can find peace and calmness.

Grace Cathedral San Francisco has a lot to offer both pilgrims and the casual visitor. Its stained-glass windows, replicas of Ghiberti’s bronze Doors of Paradise, labyrinths, stone sculpture, Novels, painted walls are the most interesting features.  Additionally, it is well worth a hike up the highest hill in San Francisco.

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Oct 22

Twin Peaks offers unobstructed views of San Francisco and the Bay that are unrivaled anywhere in the area. Twin Peaks is relatively easy to reach independently, and can provide quite a workout in the process. Telescopes, tables and often crowds await you on the top and always remember that fog can sweep in at any moment, obscuring the view and chilling the bones.

Twin Peaks consists of two different summits, the north peak and the south peak. It is also the city’s top hiking destination and fog or sun, many locals climb the 920 foot high summit weekly or even daily. Along the way, gorgeous architecture, neighborhood gardens and a smattering of wildlife await, including Mission Blue butterflies and Red-tailed hawks.

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Oct 16

On October 20th, the Nike Women’s Marathon returns to the streets where it all began. Rejoicing the 10th anniversary, take on the hills of San Francisco once again. With due excitement and anticipation more than 25,000 women competed in the Nike Women’s Marathon, the largest race of its kind in the world.

The race begins in Union Square and runs along the San Francisco Bay with eye-catching views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, escorting runners down the Great Highway as they cross the finish line. Along the path runners were treated to live entertainment, college cheer stations and Power Song stations.

Date: October 20, 2013
Venue:  Union Square, San Francisco
Distance: 13.1 or 26.2 miles

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Oct 08

The Marin Headlands are mountainous capes at the southernmost end of Marin County, California, located north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, and connects the two peninsulas.

Marin Headlands is section of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and has been a favorite destination for travelers. Offering abundance options like hiking, biking, surfing, and beachcombing includes the Point Bonita Lighthouse, Marine Mammal Center, Headlands Center for the Arts, and Bay Area Discovery Museum.

The beautiful Marin Headlands offers many hiking at all levels of exertion and mountain biking trails, gorgeous landscapes and panoramas, great sunset and whale watching, excellent beaches as well as an abundance of wildlife and native plant life to study and enjoy.

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Oct 01

Herons Head Park is one of the few wetland areas protected on the City of San Francisco’s bay coastline. The park is a sanctuary on San Francisco Bay, an often windy outcropping with a trail that takes you past wetlands and through native shrub on walk that juts out into the water. It is now a green area home to over 100 species of migratory birds, contains great blue herons, black oyster catchers, shorebirds and sandpipers.

Extra amenities at Herons Head Park include an environmental education center, a contemporary dog park, and also lots of nice little sitting spots to enjoy the sun and warmth. The ecosystem is a landmark dedicated to environmental justice and is designed to educate the public about renewable energy, pollution and greenhouse gas reduction process, waste water treatment, sustainable building supplies, rainwater harvesting and the green economy.

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Sep 24

China Beach San Francisco is in a tiny cove tucked between Lands End and Baker Beach, located approximately at the end of Sea Cliff, west of the Golden Gate Bridge, and is considered the prettiest, cleanest and peaceful beach in San Francisco.

It’s a cool place to come with your loved one, watch the sunset and boats coming into the bay from somewhere far. The sounds of the ocean, sunset, Marin Headlands, bird-watching, breeze air offer breathtaking views of Golden Gate Bridge – it represents everything that’s so wonderful about San Francisco. Many people choose China Beach San Francisco as a wedding destination as well.

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