Visit Marshall Beach San Francisco

Apr 08

Marshall Beach San Francisco is one of the best-kept secrets located just south of the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a nearly perfect beach, with coarse white sand bordering the azure blue water of the Bay. The Beach is easily accessible by the eco – friendly end of the Batteries to Bluffs Trail courtesy of Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.  The trail connects Battery Crosby at north end of the trail with Battery Godfrey at the south end.

Marshall Beach San Francisco is quiet and contemplative and there is about 1.9 mile hike from the parking area to the beach. The rugged shoreline is a spectacular setting for observing the birds and the bluffs.  It consists of a nice hike up the cliff with beautiful vegetation, ocean air and solitude to enjoy. It is ideal during both Sunset and Sunrise.

Marshall Beach San Francisco is hidden and quiet beach that makes it ideal for couples. Stay at the Adante Hotel in San Francisco, just around the corner from Union Square, San Francisco. For more details visit:

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