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Adante Hotel in Downtown San Francisco Union Square-Reviews

The following guest reviews are submitted by guests after their stay at the Adante Hotel San Francisco. These reviews are the opinions of the guest that reflect their experience at this property.

24 Reviews from our Guests

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Tony A.


"Good place to stay"


"Nice, quiet place to stay. Worth the money, and within a 10 minute walk of many great restaurants and pubs....."


Quiet,Cozy,No Frills,

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Christopher A.


"Surprising Stay"


"I planned this trip at the last minute as a celebration weekend for my partner and I. I looked at a bunch of different options as you know staying in...."


No Frills,

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Bruce R.


"Value, Location, Friendly Staff"


"We were looking for value and it's always risky when doing that. Adante delivered that and more...especially pleased with the helpful friendly staff. Excellent location!!...."


Quiet,Incredible Staff,Comfortable,No Frills

Special Tip

Keep up the friendly service, cleanliness and great price...will definitely visit again!!


Inexpensive, clean, excellent location, friendly staff!!


Gift bag sent to us from the bride for which we were attending a wedding was not waiting for us in the room. We mentioned it and the bag was located for us quickly and cheerfully. Closet door did not latch correctly and room too small for a chair.

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Justin J.



Solo traveler

"Stay in wheel chair accessible room on 5th floor. Nice size room even bigger bathroom, almost unnecessarily big. Next door is a great bar with high...."


Comfortable, Cozy, Roomy, Charming


Really comfortable bed. Newer shower head in my room, I think 501. Ample space for the price. Clean and modern lobby. Great central location. Good value.


Pretty thin walls/doors, can hear people if they're outside your room. They couldn't find my reservation when I arrived... but I imagine that won't happen to everyone.

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Jamie B.


"Very happy with our stay"


"We loved the Adante, for our first time in San Francisco it was the perfect location for a good price....."


Comfortable,Cozy,Hidden Gem,Charming


Location, close to public transportation, close to food/bars, complimentary breakfast, clean, arranged shuttle back to airport

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